Flowise di Luca Casazza is registered by Milan chamber of commerce like family company of brothers Luca and Fabrizio Casazza, also named Flowise of Casazza Bros, from March 2008 and continues business activities and products of Flu Box Srl.

Our payoff “measure & filter flows” express our company mission: build products, flow regulators or flow meters for fluid measurement (water, air or other gas).

Our company vision is oriented by a manufactur culture: know-how grows up every day from daily work and is the treasure that each company offer to the market; experience revises in innovation and in products that offers solutions to customers for a world in continues change.

In last years, Flowise has maked investiments in machinery with 4.0 industry logic for internally manufactured of most of components of his articles.

Flowise is also active in filtration business with systems for water and lubricants: we invite you to visit our website For more informations to our production of flow meters for water, air and gas, please visit website.



Luca Casazza

Gradueted in Economics, marketing & communication, works with key clients.


Fabrizio Casazza

Degree in Mechanical Engineering, in Flowise supervises production. 


Gabriele Sala

Freelance journalist, PR expert and integrated communication. 

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