Flowise is celebrating its first 10 years

Innovation in cooling components for plastics moulding:
Flowise is celebrating its first 10 years

Flowise was born 10 years ago in Cornaredo (Milan – Italy) from idea of two young brothers, Luca and Fabrizio Casazza, driven by the desire to offer innovative and proactive products to the plastics molding market.

Flowise produces a new series of flow regulators for cooling water and other fluids for injection, die-casting, blow and thermo-forming machinery. Flowise offers a wide products range that includes model with double hydraulic manifold plus water temperature control, 5 Serie, 1 Serie model with single manifold and also “Mini” specifically designed for low tonnage machinery.

The innovative design choice is 60 mm plexiglass® block machined worked to avoid water leaks and high temperature deformations frequent in flow regulators assembled from single molded pieces.

Blocks are from 1 to 6 ways or molding areas and can be assembled together thanks to a modular system that allows you to create models from 7 to 24 control areas and water flow. In each module you can replace floats, made of different materials (pvc, anodized aluminum and brass) as function of 4 measured flow rate up to 25 liters/minute.

Another important aspect for these components is certainly their resistance, directly related to the operational safety. All Flowise flow regulators are 20 bar pressure tested before being marketed.

Easy cleaning and maintenance, durability and design studied according to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) logic, therefore customizable on the basis of the machinery manufacturers specific requests, complete the efficiency and innovation performances of these flow regulators.

Flowise also offers anticorodal blue & red aluminium 20 mm thickness manifolds for cooling water: fast set up thanks to “no teflon system” for ball regulation valves and full port valves or suppliable with brass mini valves, the fixing systems completed all accessory.

A serious issue related to cooling water is proliferation of rust, limestone, algae and bacteria.
Flowise also produces filtering systems (www.flowise-filtrazione.it) able to retain these harmful elements in order to improve water quality used in the system.

During PLAST 2018 (Milan, 29 May – 1 June 2018), at the Sverital Spa stand, Flowise was celebrating its first 10 years together with many visitors and at the same time presented to the public its product, already chosen by a lot of leading Italian and foreign machinery manufacturers.

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